Farvel og tak

Af Shahar Silbershatz 56

This is not exactly a swan song, but it’s a small goodbye as this will be my last blog post – on berlingske.dk. I arrived in Denmark 6 months ago with my Danish partner and our daughter, and with an … Fortsættes

Job hunting in Denmark

Af Shahar Silbershatz 128

The funny thing about job interviews in Denmark (at least the ones conducted in English) is how quickly 4-letter-words make their appearance. When I went to my first interview, I was shocked to hear the F word and S word … Fortsættes

Good night Denmark

Af Shahar Silbershatz 57

I started dreading winter about a month after I moved to Denmark. It was June. I was just starting to enjoy the first sunny days (“very late this year” everyone kept reassuring me, “we normally have a lovely spring” – … Fortsættes

I want my PH lamp

Af Shahar Silbershatz 42

In his book ‘The Human Stain’ American novelist Philip Roth takes a dig at the Danes when one of his characters – an American with Icelandic and Danish origins – says: “Danes are this way… they’re interested in objects. Objects. … Fortsættes

The price is not right

Af Shahar Silbershatz 75

The first thing that struck me (not to say shocked me) when I arrived in Denmark wasn’t the weather, or how good-looking people were, or the strange ubiquity of the flag (all of which I promise to address more thoroughly … Fortsættes

Where’s that Latin spirit?

Af Shahar Silbershatz 53

I once met a funny Dane who told me “the Danes are the Latins of Scandinavia”. My first reaction was to laugh of course. Then last year I saw the new worldwide advertising campaign for Denmark with the (horrible, I … Fortsættes

Danish for beginners

Af Shahar Silbershatz 19

The memorable Swedish bookshop scene from the classic comedy film Top Secret (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC8MYNWfTDg&feature=related) is played backwards, including the soundtrack, in an attempt to imitate the peculiar sound of the Swedish language. Well, in my opinion, if it had been a … Fortsættes

Feeling like Kafka…

Af Shahar Silbershatz 43

Those who liked the book ‘Catch 22’ by Joseph Heller will appreciate the following story: as I was preparing for our move to Denmark, I did some online research to find out what I needed to do as a European … Fortsættes

Welcome to Denmark, where rules are rules

Af Shahar Silbershatz 47

I always liked Copenhagen airport: the large open spaces, warm wood, classic Danish-designed chairs and lamp shades, upmarket shopping – a proper introduction to the modern kingdom of Denmark. This time however we entered the kingdom through another port – … Fortsættes

Denmark here I come!

Af Shahar Silbershatz 46

“Denmark?” Or more accurately “Denmark!?” followed by “why on earth would you want to move to Denmark? You don’t even speak Dutch!” Those were the typical responses I got from our friends in London when I announced to them our … Fortsættes